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Welcome to Raise the Bar Business Strategies

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Raise the Bar works hand in hand with business owners and operators to help them achieve remarkable results in less time with fewer hassles.

Our brand essence - success through remarkable results- is as clear as it is powerful. The word remarkable has a double meaning- we believe it is important to have a business that is remarked upon , to be able to have a remarkable business.

For clients who access the unique solutions offered by Raise the Bar, achieving success in their businesses becomes a simple outcome to achieve.

Success is rare and elusive in the difficult and treacherous business world but Raise the Bar clients can tap into a network of diverse experience and rich information to achieve a clear advantage over competitors.

Raise the Bar understands there is often a disconnect between an owner's wishes on how a business should run, look and feel and the experience staff provide consumers. Our management expertise and experience means your business will perform exactly as you - and your clients / customers - want. Raise the values honesty, transparency and trust. This is critical to our future success and our ability to work closely with clients across every aspect of their business.

Raise the Bar has expertise in all elements of the coaching industry - from executive coaching, team performance, planning and strategy, marketing and brand development, finance and management of growth.

Our clients will also be able to benefit the best in industry peer intelligence and access targeted webinars and 'mastermind sessions' to best mine the collective intelligence housed within Raise the Bar.

What Client's Say

  • Ryan Haynes
    The Light Brigade Hotel
  • Andrew Carson
    Manager, La Scala On Jersey
  • Ben Lawler
    CEO, Waugh Hotels Group
  • Marcus Moller
    Manager, Waugh Hotels Group

Our Clients