Services - What We Can Do For You

Vision and Planning:

Our powerful yet simple formula accurately guides you to the answers of the three most important business questions;

Where is the business now? Where do we want it to be? How are we going to get there?

This brilliant strategic planning process covers every segment of your business and involves your input and ideas in every step along the way. Our clients walk away with unprecedented levels of excitement, clarity and confidence.

Perfect Team Performance:

This program sees your team give and receive a crucially honest appraisal of people performance and define the critical points that will raise this to new heights. The team is set specific performance tasks to achieve to ensure that the outcomes are based on action and not just ideas.

This is a must for developing a powerful culture and uplifting workplace. It is designed to have your team seeing what you see. Expect your team to walk away with a clear, aligned outlook and the passionate drive to achieve it.

Mystery Customer Services:

Want to be sure of how your business really runs when you’re not there? Raise the Bar has sourced the most professional mystery customer experts to search for what’s working, what’s missing and what you can do about it.

Mastermind Groups:

All Raise the Bar clients may enrol any members of their management in a 12 month Mastermind Group, free of charge.

A Mastermind group is a collection of businesses that meets on a monthly basis and, under the guidance of our coaches, learns, discusses and shares key business principles and concepts. This is hugely popular among both owners and attendees and sees managers thinking and acting well above their pay grade!